We Connect Biblical Content to Global Channels to Impact the World for Christ

The J.17.21 Movement exists to bring to life the vision of John 17:21 "that they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in Me, and I in You, that they also may be in the Us, so that the world may believe that You have sent Me." We envision a world of believers through unity in the body of Christ! Practically speaking, we connect Biblical content and programs to global channels to impact the world for Christ. Watch the video below as our CEO, Stan John, talks about the vision behind the J.17.21 Movement.



The first and foremost need of any faith-based non-profit organization is to have a genuine impact in lives for the purpose of the Gospel. J.17.21 calls this result being “EFFECTIVE” or, simply said, making a true difference. This is also the primary result that donors and supporters seek when allocating their benevolent generosity. 

The prospect of ‘going Global’ is rightly viewed as a high risk, capital intense prospect, demanding hiring, training, facility and equipment acquisition, all accomplished at great effort and investment with marginal promise of return. The result is the calling is most often set aside as something to be done after all domestic efforts are exhausted. This results in reduced potential Kingdom impact (effectiveness), and significantly higher cost per life touched (efficiency). Sadly these represent two strikes against the primary motivators of todays donor communities. Our experience at J.17.21 is that the same content extended through existing and trusted Global partners will produce significantly greater reach and result in decimally reduced costs. Donors voice excitement and enthusiasm for funding this kind of cooperative efficiency, producing resources to fund additional new message creation and delivery to all markets, domestic and international.

Our observations are that much resource and effort are being aimed at a highly competitive ‘Red Ocean’ market in the US, with diminishing results due to a saturation of content being delivered to that audience. For example, in the subject of ‘Family’, a quick review of Amazon.com reveals the following results for keyword searches:

  • Family > 6,000,000 titles; with 185,000 for Family Help, 14,500 for Family Ministry, and 22,500 for Family Advice.
  • Marriage > 170,000 titles; with 21,500 for Marriage Help, 5,000 for Marriage Ministry, and 7,500 for Marriage Advice.
  • Parenting > 88,000 titles; with 12, 500 for Parenting Help, 1.000 for Parenting Ministry, and 12,000 for Parenting Advice.

This intense market competition by it’s nature will result in reduced effectiveness, regardless of the quality of any individual provider, as the audience share continues to be diluted by many voices. Not so in the international Marketplace! J.17.21 movement leaders have experienced an insatiable demand in the hundreds of millions of unserved around the world. Legacy and retired content is viewed as new, relevant, and in demand. A true ‘Blue Ocean’ still exists for those who are willing to serve and collaborate in reaching these needy audiences. This demand has produced measured results of 6-10 times the impact for the same domestic(US) investment!

We connect Biblically-based content, to international channels, within the following content categories: Family, Biblical Worldview, Sanctity of Human Life, Community, Business/Leadership, Church, and Education. 

If you would like to learn more about how you can partner with the J.17.21 Movement, you can check out our Content Community Member page or Channel Community Member page.