Do you have an international reach to audiences that have a need for Biblically-based content? Are you a Missionary, Church or Church network, Para-church ministry, Media channel, Business Leader, or Influencer? J.17.21 can assist you as a Channel Community Member to reach your audience with world class, Biblically-based content. Here's how!

J.17.21 Channel Community Members receive the following:

  • Royalty-free use of J.17.21 represented brands and products for ministry events or seminars
  • 100% of income that results from ministry events or seminars where J.17.21 represented brands or products are delivered

J.17.21 Channel Community Members contribute the following:

  • Identify and develop in-region or in-country Ministry Partner relationships
  • Deliver J.17.21 represented brands and products through ministry events or seminars, and as needed through event related promotional campaigns
  • Ensure the global brands represented through J.17.21 are accurately and consistently applied, which extends to staff and trained ministry partners
  • Report ministry impact that occurs as a result of the J.17.21 represented brand

J.17.21 Movement members commit to Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Sustainability of the Global mission by maximizing the impact of content and programs while greatly reducing the cost per impact through collaboration

If you have questions, or believe that you fit this profile and would like to learn how to become a J.17.21 Channel Community Member, please e-mail us at