Have you created Biblically-based content in one or more of the following areas: Family, Biblical Worldview, Sanctity of Human Life, Community, Business/Leadership, Church, and Education? Are you experiencing a highly competitive U.S. market? Would you like to reach people all around the world, yet don't know where to start? J.17.21 can assist you as a Content Community Member to reach the world with your content. Here's how!

J.17.21 Content Community Members receive or retain the following:

  • The IP remains the exclusive property of the original creator
  • International delivery of their content and products for ministry purposes
  • Global Ministry Impact Reports 
  • Global stories to share with friends and supporters

J.17.21 Content Community Members contribute the following:

  • Delegate a revocable Grant of Agency to J.17.21 for international brand management
  • Extend royalty-free use of their brand and products to J.17.21 for international territories

J.17.21 Movement members commit to Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Sustainability of the Global mission by maximizing the impact of content and programs while greatly reducing the cost per impact through collaboration

If you have questions, or believe that you fit this profile and would like to learn how to become a J.17.21 Content Community Member, please e-mail us at info@j1721.org.